Started in 2007, was created by James W. and Brad R. as a central location for their soon-to-be massive collection of Anime.
They were both sick of videos found that did not respect the quality of the original artist.
They found that to achieve proper formatting and quality levels you needed to use the best.
Opting to use the DivX Web Player, the path taken has resulted in over 150 thousand members that can watch over 15 thousand videos.

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Because of the success that has been able to have, FTW Entertainment LLC gives back over 200 dollars a month to deserving fansub groups.
Our mission is to give back to those that have given to us, including the groups that take the time to translate and encode their production quality videos.

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The-IRC Hosting Solutions

Founded on September 24, 2002, The-IRC Hosting Solutions (formally The-IRC Hosting) was a young company seeking opportunities in new business.
Due to a perceived lack of shell providers with the flexibility desired at the time, we reformed from an IRC Network into a hosting provider in an attempt to enter into the hosting industry.

Since that day, we have grown from the single virtual private server ( that started it all, to three servers, two of which were dedicated servers housed at different data centers.
For a long time we only had a single server setup due-to downsizing (Eden); however, as of March 2009 we now currently have two dedicated servers setup (Eden & Zion). With time, we will be expanding as our needs grow.

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In May of 2011, The-IRC Hosting Solutions was acquired by FTW Entertainment LLC, in June of the same year, The-IRC became an official Division of FTW Entertainment LLC.
Since that year, The-IRC has continued to expand and offer customers a level of service unmatched by any company using the same unmatched drive for customer satisfaction.

The Company website for FTW Entertainment LLC, along with keeping things up to date, users of any of the * sites are able to log in with their accounts and subscribe to the; For The Win Subscriber account addon.
Subscribing gives the users account added benefits accross all of FTW Entertainment LLC's properties.