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FTW Entertainmant LLC and its subsidaries are just fan sites, we did not create the any anime series listed on our sites, nor did we have any part in the production process.

Our sites are not meant to infringe any of the copyrights, it is simply here to encourage the continuing popularity of Japanese Animation, and for many more young viewers to watch it. Although we did not create any of the series, we did spend a lot of time creating a lot of the files on our sites. Please respect our efforts by not stealing any of our files/layout's from us. Thank you.

You may however use any images that are not site images. That is the official images that you see throughout the web. We do not brand our images like some sites do, as we believe it spoils the original image, plus they are really not our property to brand. But if you would like to use them on your site, it would be nice if you could provide us with a small credit or link.

All anime listed in FTW sites are just for promotion and to encourage anime fans to buy originals when it release. We here don't have any affiliate with the anime creator or licenser.