What we do, and who we are.

About FTW Entertainment LLC

Started in 2007, FTW Entertainment LLC started with one site dedicated to streaming the #1 Anime (Bleach), as BleachFTW.com. When we found that there was great demand for more anime in better quality than you could find on youtube, we decided to open up our flagship site in 2007, AnimeFTW.tv.

In May of 2011, FTW Entertainment LLC took over operations of The-IRC Hosting solutions, by the beginning of June that year, we had secured the operating rights to the company and The-IRC Hosting Solutions became an official division of the FTW Entertainment LLC family. The-IRC Supplies customers with IRCd, Shell and Web Hosting with locations across the United States.

To this day FTW Entertainment owns and operates all of it's servers in state-of-the-art servers. We enjoy being pioneers in our industry from devloping new encoding techniques to preserve proper video streaming using the DivX Web Player.

FTW Entertainment LLC Deploys it's services using the following hardware and software partners
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