FTW Entertainment Assets

Maybe you've heard of us?

If you have found us, you must have. We have done many different projects over the years, many have come and gone but we are proud to be one of the remaining IRCd hosting providers with the-irc.com. Not just IRCds and Shell, but dedicated and semi-dedicated web hosting as well!
We also offer custom hosting solutions like customized mattermost servers.


Part of FTW Entertainment's mission is to give back to those that have allowed us to grow. In the 9+ years we've been around we've donated back more than 20 thousand dollars to various multi-media groups.

Industry Leaders.

All of our servers are dell based and we take pride in that we have maintained a 99.999% uptime on all our services. It starts with good hardware and excellent engineers.

Technical Standouts.

All of the staff of FTW Entertainment LLC accel in their fields, we employ the brightest minds to give FTW Entertainment the best edge when it comes to deployment and infrastructure maintainence.


With everything we do, we believe it makes us that much closer to making the web a more vibrant and exciting place to be apart of.